Open-GPT 开放版·GPT聊天机器人

Open-GPT 开放版·GPT聊天机器人

Open-GPT 开放版·直连GPT聊天机器人,是一款基于的GPT算法开发的聊天机器人,具备较高的智能度和语言理解能力,可以进行智能问答、闲聊、教育咨询等多种交互,为用户提供更加便利和快捷的服务。系统聊天记录不会被上传到第三方服务器,用户的隐私得到了更好的保护。

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Open-GPT 开放版·GPT聊天机器人 is available to install from Firefox Browser Add-ons and for download from this page. It has 9 daily active users The latest version is 1.0.0, and it was published 4 months ago.

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You can find the current and older versions of Open-GPT 开放版·GPT聊天机器人 here. You can download the archived versions or inspect their source codes.

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1.0.0 Sign in to download 972.80K 0 2023-06-05
How to install Open-GPT 开放版·GPT聊天机器人 from an XPI file
  1. Simply drag-and-drop the XPI into Firefox to install the add-on.
How to install Open-GPT 开放版·GPT聊天机器人 from a ZIP file
  1. In Firefox browser, go to about:addons to open Add-ons Manager
  2. Click on , then select Install Add-on From File
  3. Select the Open-GPT 开放版·GPT聊天机器人 ZIP file from step 1. Open-GPT 开放版·GPT聊天机器人 is now installed on your browser.