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We provide browser and add-on metrics across multiple platforms, allowing you to keep track of your extension stats easily.

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Assess Firefox add-on risk impact and likelihood.


Download current and past Firefox add-ons.

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Inspect Firefox add-on source code and see what changed in each version.

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Search through all Firefox add-on across 50+ attributes.

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Export all the extension stats as a CSV for custom analysis.

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Search through user reviews across all Firefox add-ons.

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Generate a short summary for your Firefox add-on that you can use for your post or article.

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Generate an ad-copy that you can use to promote your Firefox add-on.

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Analyze the potential keywords in your Firefox add-on's summary.

Customer testimonials

I have rarely seen a website that centralizes information about a specific market so efficiently and neatly. A must for all those who want to get an overview of the entire browser extension market in just a few clicks!

Assil Harouak - Entreprenuer

We've been using Chrome-stats data for almost a year now. It's an indispensable market analytics tool for us: keyword tracking, competitor positions, and ASO optimization. If you want to grow your extension based on data, you have no choice - just use Chrome-stats.

Uladzimir Yankovich - Founder @ Manganum

Absolutely love the depth and quality of information that is provided on the platform. It is my goto place to validate extension ideas and look up on the competition. I am a Premium User.

William A. - Founder @

It's impossible to glean any sort of market insights about Chrome extensions via Google's Webstore. I was thinking about rolling up my sleeves and writing my own crawler, but then I stumbled upon chrome-stats. It was exactly what I needed. Chrome-stats is definitely an indispensable tool.

Lih Chen - Founder @

Explore FirefoxStats

#1 Cashback Cashback
User count: 2
Rating: 0
Install Picodi in your browser and start saving money when shopping online!
#2 Red Blue White (RBW) Red Blue White (RBW)
Publisher: knggn
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Red Blue White
#3 Tacos & Sauce Tacos & Sauce
Publisher: Ocuyo
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
Just experimented a lot with different color combinations and landed on the orange, yellow, and purple combo, which reminded me of the orange and yellow Taco Bell sauce packets and its purple logo. Not a sponsor. I wish.
#4 Frederic church Frederic church
Publisher: John
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
The church of saint frederic is located on a fertile plain, a great photo for the devotees. You can come here to pay your respects to god's guides or saints.
#5 Pink Rose by M♥Donna Pink Rose by M♥Donna
Publisher: MaDonna
User count: N/A
Rating: 0
🦊Designed by MaDonna🦊

#1 Downloader (IDL Helper) Downloader (IDL Helper)
User count: 825
Rating: 41
Download Odnoklassniki / Instagram videos and extract audio from video with just a few mouse clicks. Supported media formats are MP3, MP4, WEBM. Capture frames from online videos with a screenshot button.
#2 Heyday Heyday
Publisher: Heyday
User count: 77
Rating: 1
Meet Heyday, your research helping hand. Heyday automatically saves your research, and resurfaces it when you need it.
#3 Instagram Downloader (IDL Helper) Instagram Downloader (IDL Helper)
User count: 749
Rating: 44
Download Instagram / Odnoklassniki videos and extract audio from video with just a few mouse clicks. Supported media formats are MP3, MP4, WEBM. Save button for images from the gallery in maximum quality.
#4 Twitter Misc Twitter Misc
Publisher: zupffwhy
User count: 632
Rating: 28
Miscellaneous functions related to Twitter (This add-on was formerly called Twitter Old UI)
User count: 5
Rating: 0
Projekt wtyczki dla serwisu wykop (niebawem również hejto), która będzie rozwijać serwis o nowe przydatne funkcjonalności oraz przywracać te, które zostały zabrane przez ciemiężców z administracji.
#6 easyScholar easyScholar
Publisher: nixiak
User count: 4,426
Rating: 17

#1 Translator - переводчик страниц Translator - переводчик страниц
User count: 20,523
Rating: 50
Универсальный переводчик для сайтов. Учите и переводите 103 языка. Быстрый. Удобный. Доступный.
#2 Mapio Mapio
Publisher: FX
User count: 6,443
Rating: 0
Verbessern Sie Ihre Google-Suche mit den Ergebnissen unseres Dienstes.
#3 Web Messenger for WhatsApp™ Web Messenger for WhatsApp™
Publisher: Baris Derin
User count: 4,462
Rating: 60
Web Messenger for WhatsApp™ brings web messenger right into your browser to chat with your friends.
#4 Recettes de cuisine Recettes de cuisine
Publisher: Cuisine
User count: 3,351
Rating: 0
Améliorez votre recherche Google grâce aux résultats de notre service.
#5 Toolbar Button for Facebook™ Toolbar Button for Facebook™
Publisher: Baris Derin
User count: 3,002
Rating: 22
Toolbar Button for Facebook™ lets you visit your favorite Facebook™ quickly and easily by adding a special button to your Toolbar.
#6 GitHub加速 GitHub加速
Publisher: ace
User count: 858
Rating: 1

#1 uBlock Origin uBlock Origin
Publisher: Raymond Hill
User count: 6,363,930
Rating: 14,909
Finally, an efficient wide-spectrum content blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.
#2 Adblock Plus Adblock Plus
Publisher: Adblock Plus
User count: 4,866,115
Rating: 9,467
One of the most popular free ad blockers for Firefox. Block annoying ads on sites like Facebook, YouTube and all other websites. Adblock Plus blocks all annoying ads, and supports websites by not blocking unobtrusive ads by default (configurable).
#3 Easy Screenshot Easy Screenshot
Publisher: Mozilla Online
User count: 2,029,052
Rating: 659
Capture a screenshot of the whole webpage, and save in your desktop in default.
#4 AdBlocker Ultimate AdBlocker Ultimate
Publisher: AdAvoid
User count: 2,015,468
Rating: 18,945
Completely remove ALL ads. No “acceptable” ads or whitelisted advertisers allowed. This free extensions also helps block trackers and malware.
#6 Video DownloadHelper Video DownloadHelper
Publisher: mig
User count: 1,943,947
Rating: 22,856
The easy way to download and convert Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites.

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