The most used Themes in Firefox Browser Add-ons

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#1 Dark space - The best dynamic theme Dark space - The best dynamic theme
Publisher: Nicothin
User count: 104,559
Rating: 1,249
Animated stars in dark theme. Seamless video background with particles moving around. Enjoy.
#2 Fractal Senzune Alphacoder Fractal Senzune Alphacoder
Publisher: Jutte Angarde
User count: 48,014
Rating: 57
FRACTALS ART SERIES. Senzune Fractalis - My adaptation of Senzune's fractal work on Alphacoders. Alternating colors enhance the overall view. Resolution up to 3000px. Basic color scheme. ONE OF MY FIRST THEMES.
#3 Matte Black (Red) Matte Black (Red)
Publisher: Elijah Lopez
User count: 41,637
Rating: 1,170
A modern dark / Matte Black theme with a red accent color. Click my name for more accents (request if not available).
#4 Galaxy Space Theme Galaxy Space Theme
Publisher: Themes Official
User count: 41,512
Rating: 40
A Galaxy Theme for the one and only best Browser ever: Firefox Feel the galaxy in your blood while browsing!
#5 Dark Fox Dark Fox
Publisher: randomaster
User count: 37,491
Rating: 1,913
My dark version of the Firefox logo.
#7 Gamer Gamer
Publisher: Scrawny Cheetah
User count: 13,390
Rating: 124
a theme ONLY for hardcore GAMERS - URL color fix in description
#8 Galaxia Galaxia
Publisher: Dave1b
User count: 13,027
Rating: 93
A galactic Firefox theme for people who like it dark. The active tab is nicely highlighted, so you dont have to search for it and stay cool with black new Tab Windows.
#10 Teal Galaxy Teal Galaxy
Publisher: GloomDev
User count: 12,122
Rating: 54
Teal Galaxy
#11 Dark Theme Dark Theme
Publisher: Nicothin
User count: 11,685
Rating: 229
Beautiful Dark theme for your Firefox.
#12 Alpenglow Dark Alpenglow Dark
Publisher: Prajna Sariputra
User count: 11,392
Rating: 235
The Firefox Alpenglow theme modified so that it will always use its dark variant. Note that 1.1 is designed for Firefox 89+ (Proton).
#13 Spiritfarer - Night Spiritfarer - Night
Publisher: Fyreheart
User count: 11,084
Rating: 28
Stella's ship covered with small homes to house the various spirits on their way to the afterlife. Stars and the full moon shine in the small island as the lights from the spirits' homes glow brightly. Art by Thunder Lotus Games
#14 Dark Theme for Firefox Dark Theme for Firefox
Publisher: Stefan vd
User count: 10,721
Rating: 129
The best dark Firefox theme for your web browser. It's simple and coherent.
#15 Northern Lake FT by MaDonna Northern Lake FT by MaDonna
Publisher: MaDonna
User count: 10,433
Rating: 274
🦊Theme Designed by MaD♥nna🦊 (full toolbar) I made a wallpaper to match. You can find it at:
#16 Arc Dark Theme Arc Dark Theme
Publisher: Afnan Khan
User count: 10,132
Rating: 766
Arc Dark theme for Firefox
#17 Botanical Botanical
Publisher: Asher
User count: 9,972
Rating: 18
A dark green and golden theme with a botanical backdrop
#18 Firefox B Firefox B
Publisher: dria
User count: 9,788
Rating: 197
#19 Running Foxes by MaDonna Running Foxes by MaDonna
Publisher: MaDonna
User count: 8,703
Rating: 1,035
🦊 Theme designed by MaDonna 🦊 ©
#21 Noctourniquet (orange) Noctourniquet (orange)
Publisher: DraKul78
User count: 8,524
Rating: 25
Based on the cover art of The Mars Volta's album Noctourniquet.
#22 Dark Magic Dark Magic
Publisher: Nicothin
User count: 8,491
Rating: 206
This is magic... Dark magic. Cool dark theme with a purple acient. All color params used. New! Build using Theme Creator
#23 Matte Black Matte Black
Publisher: Elijah Lopez
User count: 8,353
Rating: 128
A modern dark / Matte Black theme without an outline for the active tab. Click my name for more accents (request if not available).
#24 ANIMATED Sakura by candelora ANIMATED Sakura by candelora
Publisher: candelora
User count: 7,830
Rating: 816
🌸 Theme Designed by candelora © 🌸 Animated Apng Theme
#25 Somber Forest Somber Forest
Publisher: Graph
User count: 7,183
Rating: 33
A simple theme featuring a picture of a foggy forest.
489,268 results. Page 1 of 19571.