Container Tab Groups

Container Tab Groups

Chrome-like tab groups using private and isolated containers: The ultimate tab manager and groups for Firefox.

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What is Container Tab Groups?

"Container Tab Groups" is a Firefox add-on designed to enhance tab management. It emulates the Chrome-like tab groups using isolated and secure container tabs. This allows users to use different logins for each tab group and prevent cookies from accumulating. The add-on also provides per-container options for preferred languages, user-agent strings, and proxy settings. It is an effective tool for organizing and managing your browsing tasks securely.

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Version: (Last updated: 2023-07-07)
Creation date: 2021-07-04
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Manifest version: 2
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  • <all_urls>
  • cookies
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  • menus.overrideContext
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Other platforms

Not available on Chrome
Not available on Edge

This extension realizes Chrome-like tab groups using Firefox’s secure and private container tabs.

No special configuration nor other add-ons required!

Tab group = Container

  • Use different logins for each tab group
  • By using temporary containers or cookie-erasing containers, you can prevent cookies from accumulating.
Per-container overrides available for:
  • Preferred languages
  • User agent strings (Chrome UAData/Sec-CH-UA emulation included)
  • Per-container proxy settings

The button to show controls for containers is by default on the corner of the tab strip. The button has three dots in it.

  1. Before starting a task, create a new container for it!
  2. Open tabs related to the task in that container.
  3. When finished, delete the container to remove all the clutters.
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User reviews
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  • Allows multiple logins working all the time, which is a unique feature.
  • Functions similar to Chrome's tab grouping, making it user-friendly to Chrome users.
  • Each tab group operates as its own instance for cookies, improving privacy and security.
  • Allows the creation and sorting of new categories in the sidebar.
  • When trying to send multiple tabs from Android phone to Firefox Desktop, most of them open as a black screen.
  • Login and cookies are separate between containers, which some users may find inconvenient.
  • Caused Firefox to use excessive RAM for some users.
  • Deleting this addon can destroy all existing containers for some users.
Most mentioned
  • Plugin works similarly to Chrome's tab groups, making it attractive to users transitioning from Chrome.
  • Separate instances for cookies in each tab group, provides enhanced security but can also cause inconvenience when setting up services across multiple groups.
  • Potential conflicts with other addons like 'Simple Tab Groups'.
  • Possibility of increased RAM usage by Firefox after installation.
  • Need for improvement in UI, specifically for reordering groups and hiding/showing groups.
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Risk impact

Container Tab Groups is not very risky to use and it requires a lot of sensitive permissions. Avoid installing this add-on unless you absolutely trust this publisher.

Risk likelihood

Container Tab Groups is probably trust-worthy. Prefer other publishers if available. Exercise caution when installing this add-on.

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