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Dev28 is available for download. It had 13 daily active users before it was removed from Firefox Browser Add-ons on 2022-11-12, and it has been downloaded from FirefoxStats 0 times. The latest version is 89.15, and it was published a year ago. Be careful when installing it.

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You can find the current and older versions of Dev28 here. You can download the archived versions or inspect their source codes.

As a free user, you can only download the latest version. Subscribe to the paid version of FirefoxStats to access more available versions.

Version Download Size Download count Timestamp
89.15 Sign in to download 7.74K 0 2022-08-02
How to install Dev28 from an XPI file
  1. Simply drag-and-drop the XPI into Firefox to install the add-on.
How to install Dev28 from a ZIP file
  1. Download the Dev28 ZIP file
  2. In Firefox browser, go to about:addons to open Add-ons Manager
  3. Click on , then select Install Add-on From File
  4. Select the Dev28 ZIP file from step 1. Dev28 is now installed on your browser.