Easy Screenshot

Easy Screenshot

Capture a screenshot of the whole webpage, and save in your desktop in default.

Easy Screenshot is available to install from Firefox Browser Add-ons and for download from this page. It has 3,414,854 daily active users The latest version is 3.109, and it was published a year ago.

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You can find the current and older versions of Easy Screenshot here. You can download the archived versions or inspect their source codes.

As a free user, you can only download the latest version.

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Version Download Size Download count Timestamp
3.109 Sign in to download 96.44K 17 2023-01-04
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96.42K 7 2022-08-02
How to install Easy Screenshot from an XPI file
  1. Simply drag-and-drop the XPI into Firefox to install the add-on.
How to install Easy Screenshot from a ZIP file
  1. In Firefox browser, go to about:addons to open Add-ons Manager
  2. Click on , then select Install Add-on From File
  3. Select the Easy Screenshot ZIP file from step 1. Easy Screenshot is now installed on your browser.