Neptune's Pride Agent

Neptune's Pride Agent

This extension extends the game at with useful hotkeys, reports, and a heads-up display of key game data to make decision making more correct and efficient.

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What is Neptune's Pride Agent?

Neptune's Pride Agent is a Firefox add-on by Alexander Nicolaou. This add-on has 19 daily active users and a perfect 5.0 rating. The latest version, 2.2.0, was updated 4 months ago.

Stats date:
Users: 19 ▼ -1
Rating: 5.00 (1)
Version: 2.2.0 (Last updated: 2023-01-31)
Creation date: 2023-01-03
Weekly download count: 3
Firefox on Android: Yes
Manifest version: 2
Size: 230.54K
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Risk impact: Low risk impact
Risk likelihood: Moderate risk likelihood

Other platforms

Not available on Chrome
Not available on Edge
Enhance NP Triton UI with intel.
This extension adds a HUD and reporting features to Neptune's Pride (Triton).

The HUD displays an arrival calculator for the first leg of all fleet movements, when you select a fleet. It also displays scanning range time in green when you select an enemy star if that enemy cannot already see your carrier, and in grey if that enemy can see your carrier.

[[Fleet Name]] text in messages now links to the fleet, so that when the message recipient clicks on the fleet you're referring to their map view is navigated to show it, the same way that [[Star Name]] or [[Player Number]] works in the unextended game. In addition, when you type [[#] into the message field, autocomplete shows you which player you have referenced to make it easy to avoid errors.

Much of the extension's capabilities is accessed through hotkeys, the help for which can be triggered by pressing '?' any time you're not in a message text field.

The hotkey '*' copies a summary of all the scanning data for stars you can see into your clipboard. You can then paste this into a message to share the scan info or any subset of it or any edit of it with another player.

You can also share scan data via API keys. The link text [[api:SOMEONES_KEY]] will translate into two links for the recipient, one that lets them view the game as the other player, and another that merges the other player's scan data into the current player's view.

If you type '^', a summary of all the scanning data for fleets that are in motion is put into your clipboard, ordered by ETA. 
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Risk impact

Neptune's Pride Agent requires very minimum permissions and is relatively safe to use.

Risk impact measures the level of extra permissions an extension has access to. A low risk impact extension cannot do much harms, whereas a high risk impact extension can do a lot of damage like stealing your password, bypass your security settings, and access your personal data. High risk impact extensions are not necessarily malicious. However, if they do turn malicious, they can be very harmful.

Risk likelihood

Neptune's Pride Agent is probably trust-worthy. Prefer other publishers if available. Exercise caution when installing this add-on.

Risk likelihood measures the probability that a Firefox add-on may turn malicious. This is determined by the publisher and the Firefox add-on reputation on Firefox Browser Add-ons, the amount of time the Firefox add-on has been around, and other signals about the Firefox add-on. Our algorithms are not perfect, and are subject to change as we discover new ways to detect malicious extensions. We recommend that you always exercise caution when installing a Firefox add-on, especially ones with higher risk impact and/or higher risk likelihood.

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