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Website Stats

Show stats about web-pages you've visited.

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What is Website Stats?

Website Stats is a Firefox add-on that shows navigation stats about the pages you've visited. Use it to track your visits to social networks and addictive sites. A useful tool to help you break free from addiction and gain insights into your browsing patterns.

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Users: 11 ▲ 1
Version: 1.0 (Last updated: 2020-04-19)
Creation date: 2020-04-19
Weekly download count: NaN
Firefox on Android: No
Manifest version: 2
  • webNavigation
  • storage
Size: 17.34K
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URLs: Website
Risk impact: Low risk impact
Risk likelihood: Low risk likelihood

Other platforms

Not available on Chrome
Not available on Edge

Show navigation stats about which pages you've visited, as a beautiful popup on the press of a button. This stat is saved in the browser local storage.

This extension in useful for people, who want to find out how many time they visited social network like facebook or other addictive sites like netflix. It can help them to get out of the addiction.

Risk impact

Website Stats is relatively safe to use as it requires very minimum permissions.

Risk likelihood

Website Stats has earned a fairly good reputation and likely can be trusted.

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