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Adblock Plus

One of the most popular free ad blockers for Firefox. Block annoying ads on sites like Facebook, YouTube and all other websites. Adblock Plus blocks all annoying ads, and supports websites by not blocking unobtrusive ads by default (configurable).

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What is Adblock Plus?

Adblock Plus is a very popular Firefox add-on by Adblock Plus. This add-on has 4,866,115 daily active users and a good user rating of 4.47. The latest version, 3.15.2, was updated 2 months ago.

Stats date:
Version: 3.15.2 (Last updated: 2022-12-05)
Creation date: 2006-01-17
Weekly download count: 74,260
Firefox on Android: Yes
Manifest version: 2
  • <all_urls>
  • contextMenus
  • notifications
  • storage
  • tabs
  • unlimitedStorage
  • webNavigation
  • webRequest
  • webRequestBlocking
Featured: No
Size: 4.02M
Risk impact: Very high risk impact
Risk likelihood: Low risk likelihood
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Other platforms

Not available on Chrome
Not available on Edge
Get the free ad blocker for Firefox. With almost 500 million downloads to date!

✓ Block annoying ads and popups
✓ Block video ads on sites like YouTube 
✓ Speed-up loading time on pages
✓ Reduce risk of "malvertising" infections
✓ Protect your privacy by stopping trackers from following your online activity
✓ Block social media icons tracking

The ad blocker's additional features enable you to easily support your favorite websites by whitelisting them, to add or create your own filters, and to block social media icons tracking.

Adblock Plus supports the Acceptable Ads initiative. Acceptable Ads are shown by default, which helps support websites that rely on advertising revenue but choose to only display nonintrusive ads. This can be disabled at any time for users who wish to block all ads. The initiative allows content producers to receive monetization for their work and helps create an environment of fairness and sustainability for user, advertiser, and creator alike. Learn more

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Risk impact

Adblock Plus requires a lot of risky permissions and is not safe to use. Avoid installing this add-on unless you absolutely trust this publisher.

Risk impact measures the level of extra permissions an extension has access to. A low risk impact extension cannot do much harms, whereas a high risk impact extension can do a lot of damage like stealing your password, bypass your security settings, and access your personal data. High risk impact extensions are not necessarily malicious. However, if they do turn malicious, they can be very harmful.

Risk likelihood

Adblock Plus has earned a fairly good reputation and likely can be trusted.

Risk likelihood measures the probability that a Firefox add-on may turn malicious. This is determined by the publisher and the Firefox add-on reputation on Firefox Browser Add-ons, the amount of time the Firefox add-on has been around, and other signals about the Firefox add-on. Our algorithms are not perfect, and are subject to change as we discover new ways to detect malicious extensions. We recommend that you always exercise caution when installing a Firefox add-on, especially ones with higher risk impact and/or higher risk likelihood.

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User reviews
Пользуюсь приложением, сколько себя помню. Одно из самых полезных дополнений, а по-моему, даже обязательное.

by Jörg, 2023-02-01

Not easy to use; lacks essential features. For instance: when turned on it lets you block specific elements on a page but does not let you UNblock specific elements on a page. The app tells you that X number of elements are blocked but does not list them nor provide any way to see them to allow you to unblock them. This means the only way to see them is to disable AdBlock altogether on a given page, but then you cannot block specific elements anymore. There is supposedly a workaround involving developer tools but this is an extremely confusing rabbit hole that the uninitiated should not dare enter. It did not work for me and I only ended up getting even more frustrated. Even as a paying premium user I cannot solve this problem. I hope they fix this soon and give us the essential functionality of easily unblocking individual blocked elements on a page.
by SadFirefoxUser, 2023-01-31
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The manifest file declares the requirements and permissions that a Firefox add-on will have access to. By reviewing the manifest, you may be able to determine if a Firefox add-on is over-reaching (for example, if an extension is overriding your new tab page, or search provider, or requesting access to your web activities without any good reason).

  "author": "eyeo GmbH",
  "applications": {
    "gecko": {
      "strict_min_version": "63.0",
      "id": "{d10d0bf8-f5b5-c8b4-a8b2-2b9879e08c5d}"
  "content_scripts": [
      "all_frames": true,
      "js": [