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AdBlock Secure

Experience uninterrupted browsing on Facebook, YouTube, and all other websites with our ad-free, pop-up-free, and tracker-free solution. Enjoy a seamless online journey without the hassle of intrusive ads or annoying pop-ups.

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What is AdBlock Secure?

AdBlock Secure is a Firefox add-on by SecureTools. This add-on has 52 daily active users and a perfect 5.0 rating. The latest version, 0.1.29, was updated 5 days ago.

Stats date:
Users: 52 ▼ -2
Rating: 5.00 (1)
Version: 0.1.29 (Last updated: 2023-11-27)
Creation date: 2023-06-16
Weekly download count: 34
Firefox on Android: No
Manifest version: 2
  • tabs
  • <all_urls>
  • webRequest
  • webRequestBlocking
  • webNavigation
  • storage
  • contextMenus
  • cookies
  • privacy
  • browserSettings
  • See more
Size: 4.89M
Email: Click to see
URLs: Website
Risk impact: Very high risk impact
Risk likelihood: Moderate risk likelihood

Other platforms

Not available on Chrome
Not available on Edge

Introducing a modern AdBlock Secure extension for safe web browsing and uninterrupted online experience across Facebook, YouTube, and all other websites. Say farewell to pesky ads, bothersome pop-ups, and intrusive trackers. With our service, you can navigate the web seamlessly, enjoying a distraction-free journey like never before.

Embrace a pop-up-free, ad-free, and tracker-free environment that prioritizes your privacy. Focus solely on the content you love without any disruptive elements. Rediscover the joy of browsing without interruptions and immerse yourself in a smoother, more enjoyable online journey. Join us now and unlock the full potential of uninterrupted browsing!

AdBlock Secure provides you with full control over ad blocking and website notification popups, both globally and on a site-by-site basis. Customize your browsing experience to suit your preferences and interests. Here's how you can manage the extension's behavior:

  1. "Ad Blocking": Easily enable or disable ad blocking for all websites. Turn on ad blocking to keep intrusive ads away, elevating your browsing experience. If you prefer to access websites without restrictions on advertisements, simply toggle it off.

  2. "Acceptable Ads": Fine-tune your ad blocking preferences by whitelisting specific websites through the extension settings. When you add a website to the "Acceptable Ads" section, the extension won't block any ads on those whitelisted sites. This way, you can support your favorite content creators while still enjoying an ad-free experience on other websites.

  3. "Pop-Up Blocker": Take control over website notification popups with a user-friendly toggle mechanism. Engage this feature to effectively block bothersome notification popups that might disrupt your workflow or browsing session. If you wish to receive notifications, you can easily deactivate this function at your convenience.

  4. "Acceptable Pop-Ups": Personalize your approach to website notification popups by whitelisting specific websites in the "Acceptable Pop-Ups" section of the extension settings. Once added to the list, the extension will no longer block any popups from these whitelisted sites. Say goodbye to unnecessary interruptions while staying informed on websites that matter to you.

With AdBlock Secure, enjoy a seamless and distraction-free browsing experience tailored to your needs. Say hello to smoother browsing and bid farewell to annoying ads and pop-ups!

Risk impact

AdBlock Secure is not very risky to use and it requires a lot of sensitive permissions. Avoid installing this add-on unless you absolutely trust this publisher.

Risk likelihood

AdBlock Secure is probably trust-worthy. Prefer other publishers if available. Exercise caution when installing this add-on.

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